25 Jan 2021
Personalised Sports Jersey

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The online sales window for any voluntary purchases of personalised sports jersey/practice shirts for all teams are now available in store. Please find the letter in the 'Downloads' section of this site to the parents for your information.

Students can start ordering items from 25th January (Mon) - 5th February (Fri) by assessing the following link which is now available:


Please see the points below before purchasing:

(1) Students can only wear the team jersey and practice shirts during team training and during/ before inter-school competitions, but not during PE lessons, school activities such as sports day and swimming gala.

(2) Purchasing a personalised jersey is optional for students. School will still provide a school jersey for students participating in inter-school competitions.

(3) Students should seek the advice from the Teacher in Charge of the sport before inputting the name and back number information - It is highly recommended that the name printed is a representation of their official name, while it is also unnecessary to have an exceptionally large/designed number for certain sports.

(4) The online sales period will begin on 25th January (Mon) - 5th February (Fri).

(5) All the purchased shirts will be delivered to school for collection.

(6) A pick-and-pack sub-charge will be incurred on top of the order.

All the orders will be reviewed by school before it is officially sent to production to ensure that the name and number information are correct.

Link: http://ymca.socssport.com/downloads.asp?id=28265